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"We have a history of maintaining our games for many years.

I have noticed a big difference in the rankings of wow progress and wow jutsu. Wo W Progress tracks the achievements better (ranks them) and Wo W Jutsu only tracks first kills and gear. I know in TBC that some gear and trinkets out of Kara beat out some in BT for certain classes and specs.

The Wowjutsu FAQ isn't all that precise on who exactly is counted. The trick to find out the truth is to drill down to a level of which you are absolutely certain.

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On it's front page it proudly proclaims 2.4 million total players ranked, of which 98% are said to have visited Karazhan.

The result: In Wo W my guild has 394 members (characters, not players), due to most of us suffering from altitis. On the Wowjutsu site my guild is considered to have 164 raiders!

Wowjutsu considers every level 70 character in a ranked guild as being a raider!

"Over the past few months, you may have noticed we have introduced a new battle platform.

It's introduced features like matchmaking [and] the ability to communicate with your friends at a level that is unparalleled to anything we have done with Warcraft III in the market before.

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