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A mix of documentary and drama, Sea Sorrow includes Redgrave’s experiences alongside interviews with current-day migrants and their supporters, including Alf Dubs, a British politician who fled Nazi-occupied Europe as a child.

“I got worried, of course, by not wanting the film to be about me,” she told The Associated Press. But I do think that perhaps hopefully my telling the story alongside Alf Dubs and the refugees, that some people will realise the thing we were all taught — and which the government, (Winston) Churchill’s government, reminded people: It could happen to you.” “I think everybody, including myself, are in danger of losing our humanity,” she added.

We were briefed, then ushered to the stage for a rehearsal. Got some good questions, had some funny answers, called one of the other bachelors a blimp, just wreaked as much comic havoc as I could. As a result I missed getting to go on a little cruise boat around the Newport Beach harbor with the Turtles.

They walked us through it, where we sat, what to do after the girl made her selection, etc. (I’ve since become friends with Howard Kaylan and he can’t even remember that event).

Redgrave was buried near her mother in a private service under brightening skies.

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I just think those guys started going to places like that as kids and kept at it because it worked.Oh yeah, and you’d be on national primetime television… Unfortunately, there was an engineers’ strike at ABC at the time and management had to man the cameras. I said, “But what about when your own staff has to sub…? During the rehearsal, one of the cameramen recognized me and mentioned casually that my father worked for ABC radio. The place looked like a bankrupt Chuck-E-Cheez that had been redecorated by the Manson clan. To one side was a line of arcade booths, with holes cut at strategic levels to assure both easy access and anonymity. I had lasted all of seven minutes at the Nob Hill Theater, and didn’t even wait for the curtain call.On the other side was a labyrinth of blackened plywood, where men stalked around trying to catch each other’s attention. Still, I think of it as fifteen dollars well spent.

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