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Though males were affected more but female cases were 25%.

So tobacco chewing has got detrimental effect on oral cavity.

The long bones of females are not just a more slender version of male long bones.

Peripheral quantitative CT was used to quantify bone strength and cross-sectional morphology from the major long bones of 125 white and 115 black adult men and women (20–35 years of age).

Regression analyses were used to test for differences in bone strength and cortical area after for adjusting for either body size, bone size, or both.; percent difference = 27%–49%, p = 0.0001).

The risk of fragility fractures in the United States is approximately 2.5 times greater among black and white women compared with their male counterparts.

On average, men of both ethnicities have wider bones of greater cortical mass compared with the narrower bones of lower cortical mass among women.

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