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Ándale runs at a fever pitch on the weekends, but you can catch the gals tottering around their quarry in nine-inch stilettos 7 days a week.

Upon arrival our staff will greet you will an array of beautiful festive women you will never forget.

They patiently waited, hoping the women they desired would quit lamenting over “jerks” and wake up to see what great men they were. I have had the privilege of being part of the recovery process with thousands of Nice Guys. I’ve watched single guys find the love they desired. Your book helped me jump into the manager position.

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Within hours I had formed a "six-pack" with five other people. You could literally eat (or drink) yourself into a coma if you wanted to. The six-pack are already planning to meet in Cancun or Turquoise. Accommodation was spartan, although the rooms that face the ocean have beautiful views.

One would be Huston himself and his love of "Ol' Mexico"; another would be Tennessee Williams and his short story which he placed in Acapulco in the 1940's; we must include Ray Stark who offered the movie project to Huston, and finally, and most importantly, Guillermo Wulff, a Mexico City engineer and local entrepreneur, who had many high level contacts within the Mexican Government, even friend of the Mexican President of the time and those that followed and an ambitious project of his.

He was interested in giving one of his real estate proyects, based in Mismaloya, some "Hollywood" Jet-set appeal, though in the end it would actually bankrupt him, but that's another story...

I was sure the map was accurate, but no matter how hard I tried, it never got me to my desired destination. The guys who either couldn’t get a date or who were deeply entrenched in the friend zone with the women they desired. I want to thank you in advance for the changes that are coming.

These guys helped out and listened to women talk about their problems. I think it's going to be a lot of work but worth it.”“I was a web developer for 10 years and now I’m a manager for other web developers.

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