Phpbb overallheader not updating

Let's go ahead and optimize our php BB installation for front-end performance.

I'll follow Yahoo's 14 optimization rules, but only implement the ones that apply for php BB.

This will allow users from your php BB forum to login to your wiki with their existing username and password.

Please note that for suggested changes php BB and wikka should use the same database - otherwise it is necessary to give rights to wikka's database to read php BB's database - and to write name of php BB's database before its tables.

You can read more about it here: BB3/viewtopic.php?

so maybe we will create new forum wheter phpbb or mybb.

If this theme supports all the mentioned criteria then i will buy this theme for one of my website.

I would love to see you part of the growing Admins Community over at: let me know about your custom project as well.

I have a forum which is running on php5.6 but our host is going to stop hosting any servers running on php5.6 and is upgrading everything to php7.This is a very simple hack to get Wikka to read from the users table of a php BB database rather than its own.It is assuming that you have installed your Wikka into the same database as php BB and that your php BB tables are prefixed with "phpbb_" ("phpbb3_" for the v3.0 examples) and that their names have not been edited.During this short workshop there will be no changes to the php BB code, we'll create a new template instead, so that in case something bad happens, your board will continue to work normally.As an example, I'll use the BB2, the board I volunteer to administrate. creating two subdomains to host assets - images and css, maximizing parallel downloads (also following rule #9) 2.

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