Observablecollection listbox not updating

Add happens, my event listener fires and my breakpoint is hit to confirm the code gets that far as illustrated below After this my code calls the On Property Changed function which is inherited from my View Model Base, this functions fine for my other GUI elements such as labels and the like, so that almost certainly isn't the issue.I applied a watch to Log Window to keep track that the collection was indeed being added to, and it is as illustrated below So at this stage I'm at a loss.Modify First Name of first item (Not reflected in the List View) What should i do so as to make the modifications reflect in View.I would be very thankful if anyone could point out what i am doing wrong.Thanks to the advice of tencntraze this question has been solved.See the bottom of this question and tencntraze's answer for the solution.The Check Box Column is bound to a bool value called "Aircraft Commander Selected" in my collection.

For example, the content of a list cell is not editable by default.

So all we need to do in the XAML file is to specify the binding member for each column.

We can do that by the "Display Member Binding" attribute and "Binding" markup extension.

I added few data to that collection and set window’s Data Context property to Obserable Collection.

I also set Is Synchronized With Current Item property to true.

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