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When a person is born and labeled intersex, it means that their external or internal reproductive organs do not match what is considered 'normal' for the general population.

There are many many medical reasons why this can happen.

Khumalo's situation is similar to mid-distance runner Caster Semenya whose sexuality was publicised after she ran in the World Championships several years ago."I can't remember when the whole Caster Semenya story came out, whether it was before or after [my] diagnosis, but for me it was a case of here is a human being who did not choose to be born this way and here she is being ostracised in public."Khumalo, the eldest of two children, said being a beauty queen was always her dream and she disclosed her situation to the panels at Miss Mamelodi Sundowns and Miss SA and they were accepting."Personally I had fears that someone somewhere might say this and that and then it turns out into something nasty ...

The judges supported me and it didn't feel like it in any way counted against me."Miss SA's Stephanie Weil said the pageant had no rules against intersex females participating."It has always been done in big pageants around the world.

It was published in an anthology created by students of the late great June Jordan‘s Poetry for the People course at U. Continue Reading “The future is no sex.” — Grace Jones Countless people, including myself, have been deeply saddened by the loss of icons David Bowie and Prince this year. Yesterday was the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia (IDAHO-T), and I was too busy working towards LGBTQIA visibility and equality to post here in time! I had hoped a Facebook post would suffice, but it turns out I can’t finish my memoir about being a gender fluid, intersex person until… Much has been said recently, on the heels of all the media attention on Caitlin Jenner and Rachel Dolezal, about the issue of how people “identify”.

In my case, I also kicked myself, while grieving, for having never sent a message of gratitude to either one. BIG apologies to all who follow me and my blog for being a bit M. Meanwhile, Intersex people have also been getting attention in the media, and an increasing amount of folks are finally aware of the fact that we… 🙂 🙂 🙂 — and that I was able to discuss “interphobia”, in my interview in VICE: “I often say we’re on the front lines of homophobia and transphobia,… Continue Reading So I showed my Aljazeera interview to the lovely woman I’m dating this morning, and it left me with some thoughts to share. Continue Reading My latest blog post/essay — What’s in a Name: Intersex and Identity — discusses the history of society deeming people who are different as innately inferior, how this is currently happening to intersex people, and how this language does not support equality. 🙂 ) A few weeks ago, I testified as an expert witness on the television show Caso Cerrado (translation: Case Closed).

As the observance’s founder Gina Wilson, former president and founder of OII Australia and pioneering crusader for intersex human rights, elaborated in the Star Observer in 2011, Barbin is the earliest recorded intersex person to have been subjected to the…

Continue Reading Yesterday kicked off Bisexual Awareness Week, and it made me ruminate on how far I’ve come since I penned the poem, “Bye Bi Curious”. Jordan — an openly bisexual, Caribbean- American poet, essayist and… Continue Reading I’m supposed to be working on my manuscript draft, but this morning I learned that David Bowie had passed away, and there’s nothing more pressing and present in my psyche.

Evolutionary psychology connects evolutionary principles with modern psychology and focuses primarily on psychological adaptations: changes in the way we think in order to improve our survival.

Our friend Bo Laurent is also featured in this great piece by Kat Kinsmann over at CNN.

I'm getting that most people don't know what intersex means.

These differences might be genetic, hormonal, or genital.

We have features typical of both male and female at once or may have no clearly defined sexual features at all.

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