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We love Whitney for Chris and on the drive home from my parents last night (yes we watched it there) Justin and I agreed that Chris is awesome and that we really feel they will make it. A part of me really loved both of them, although they both had a 1989 Pretty Woman vibe to them. The fact that she didn’t even cry on the way home … CONGRATULATIONS CHRIS AND WHITNEY I don’t want this to steal their moment but OH MY FRICKEN GAWWDDD can we talk about The Bachelorette!?!?!?!? I just hope that it’s not a case of her holding back TOO much, and that she is missing out on wonderful men (or man) that love her. In 2014, Chris March appeared in the fourth season of All Stars, coming in 12th place out of 14.: The judges declared a tie between Rami and Chris, and asked each to design a collection for Bryant Park; one of the two would be chosen to show at Bryant Park Fashion Week based on his three strongest pieces : Cheron, Anna Lita, Marie, and Jacqueline were used in this challenge to show off the designers' strongest pieces of their collection.

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Through a series of weekly challenges, contestants were eliminated, leaving three finalists left who then went on to show their designs in the final episodes at New York Fashion Week.

However, her physical sex appeal is high, thanks to her slim hot body (probably banana shaped body), magnetic grey eyes, attractive wide face and smile, toned legs and thighs, and nevertheless shapely breasts.

Moreover, it's true that she underwent through a nose job procedure in the past.

This is very exciting as it means a change of view and I can interact with my parents.

Project Runway Season 4 was the fourth season of Project Runway, Bravo's reality competition for fashion designers. Returning as judges were supermodel Heidi Klum; fashion designer Michael Kors; and Nina Garcia, Elle magazine fashion director.

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