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Members of the class att.naming have specialized attributes which support linkage of a naming element with the entity (person, place, organization) being named; members of the class att.datable have specialized attributes which support a number of ways of normalizing the date or time of the data encoded by the element concerned.As discussed elsewhere, these attributes provide two different ways of associating any sort of name with its referent.Many of the committee members are reluctant to propose something that they have not implemented.And there was simply little opportunity to implement your proposal. It really was intended to ship in 2009 and when that ship date slipped, it was very tough to do anything to the working paper besides fix the features already under consideration. A technical report does nothing but show the world that the committee is interested in a specific area.Catching a cheater isn’t as simple as demanding the truth.If you really want to know what’s going on, you may need to use some sneaky spy techniques that used to be reserved for private detectives or intelligence professionals.Name-based virtual hosting is usually simpler, since you need only configure your DNS server to map each hostname to the correct IP address and then configure the Apache HTTP Server to recognize the different hostnames.Name-based virtual hosting also eases the demand for scarce IP addresses.

The same element might alternatively be provided by some other document, of course, which the same attribute could refer to by means of a URI, as explained in attribute is provided for cases where no such direct link is required: for example because resolution of the reference is carried out by some local convention, or because the encoder judges that no such resolution is necessary.Therefore you should use name-based virtual hosting unless you are using equipment that explicitly demands IP-based hosting.Historical reasons for IP-based virtual hosting based on client support are no longer applicable to a general-purpose web server.After all, the code will need to be modified anyway since the types reside in different namespace and, as many modern C programmers are reluctant to open namespaces, will be qualified explicitly (if it would be changed at all). And given that template metaprogramming often gets deeply nested, convoluted and complex, it seems obvious that a clearer interface is beneficial. If not, I’d appreciate an answer that is not mere guesswork but relies on (and can cite) knowledge of the committee’s decision rationale. Apart from the example clearly showing that it’s briefer, less boilerplate? You're thinking of it as a design committee within a single organization.The C standards committee literally can not do anything without a proposal to put words into the draft standard.

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