Dating headshots san francisco

Why he chose it: “It was my profile picture so it went up automatically.” Max weighs in: There’s two of them!

Creating shots for clients that are second to none with effective attention to detail. His photos will make sales for your company or create long-lasting memories for you, your friends and family. I chose this career because of the energy creating great images for clients gives me.

The photoshoot is fully guided and you don’t have to worry about how to pose or where to put your hands.

If eyes are the window into the soul, Tinder is the window into the pants.

Some of my Bay Area clients include Adobe, Yelp, Shyp, Next Door, New Relic, Malwarebytes, Zen Desk, So Fi, and Kabam.

In June 2017, I partnered with Smirnoff Vodka and the Human Rights Campaign on a limited edition Pride bottle: read all about that here.

Finished product: “I look less like a party boy/player, but more like a potential crazy.

Hi, my name is Sarah Deragon and I believe in big ideas, early-morning creativity, and the awesome opportunity of every new day.

I’m a self-taught professional portrait photographer residing in beautiful San Francisco.

All of my services are built around telling compelling visual stories, with the majority of my work falling into not so corporate headshots for individuals, stellar online dating photos, cool custom stock photos for small businesses, and creative portrait sessions. Go to the SPECIALS page to see all that we have going on in terms of not so corporate headshot pop up days (with hair and makeup included), and go to MY OTHER SITE to find out about classes that I teach and other artsy stuff!

5 One look50-70 shots One high resolution image One complete photo retouching5 Two looks70-100 shots Two high resolution images Two complete photo retouching5 Three looks100-150 shots Three high resolution images Three complete photo retouching0 (best value)Up to three looks100-150 shots Threee complete photo retouching We know what works best based on the industry, and we bring out the best in people.

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