April braswell dating coach

Twitter provides users the opportunity to share information in 140 characters or less with their followers.

Many people have jumped on the opportunity to use Twitter as an outlet to not only link to their work but to provide advice to those who are interested.

Take a look at her Twitter feed for dating advice articles and strategies.

Julie Spira (@Julie Spira)Julie is an expert on navigating the world of online dating and frequently posts links to articles and videos regarding her relationship guidance.

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Just meet me for a coffee and you’ll know in 5 minutes.” We were so much in demand in the world of online dating sites that we couldn’t be bothered to go to all THAT effort just to get a photo posted to our internet personals profiles.

Naturally, there are some gender differences which need to be taken into account when communicating with each other.We can take digital photos, upload and share them all with incredible ease at this point in internet history.How Easy Digital Photo Sharing Has Changed Online Dating for Singles: For Better or For Worse?There is a plethora of dating and relationship writers, bloggers and experts utilizing Twitter as a means of dishing out dating advice.I compiled a list of some great Twitter accounts that revolve around dating and relationship advice.

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